Thanks for stopping by I made this site to tell the world about my love for Avery 5160 labels. In my opinion the 5160 labels take the cake when it comes to quality mailing labels.

Due  to the fact that I’m kind of a cheap skate. I researched long and hard before I purchasing my labels in bulk.  It seems all other brands of labels I bought from Walmart and Target seem to last a few months before the labels started peeling off my boxes and envelopes. I decided to take the plung and pay the extra money for some AVE5160 labels.

My Pick and the best price I could find with free shipping
Best Prices on Avery 5160 Labels with FREE Shipping

First off printing on them is a breeze. With other labels I had a hard time getting a template for microsoft word that would work. With these  labels there is already a template for them in the software. Next they last!

Best Prices on Avery 5160 Labels with FREE Shipping

Cons: I haven’t really found much that I don’t like about this labels. I guess the price is a little more, but if you want something that is made with quality just like anything you have to pay a little more.

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